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Are you looking for an astonishing, unexpected and at the same time super functional design?

Then you need an interior architect to design an interior space that will exceed your expectations.

The First Interior Architecture Company In Jordan

Parallel Interiors is the first interior architecture firm in Jordan, we mix the spatial art of architecture into the aesthetic art of interior design. How we do it:

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Amman, Jordan

Noor and Hisham are a bundle of creative energy, hugely passionate about their work and hugely knowledgeable about different materials and new concepts. Working with them was not only great fun in the end but we have ended up with a beautiful home thanks to them and their great team! - Zeina D.

Amman, Jordan

Hisham & Noor came with a unique customer centric concept for our showroom. Not only did they follow our needs but also turned our vision into a beautiful modern design. I couldn't recommend Parallel Interiors more for their experience, professionalism, friendliness and efficiency. - Eyad E.

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Meet The Designer

Hisham Assi  -  Principle Designer + Founding Partner

Hey there - I'm Hisham. I'm an adventurous, bold and passionate interior architect.


I studied and worked as an architect with the best architects in the middle east until I followed my passion to design interior spaces.


My love for materials and my attention to details, along with how I treat interior spaces architecturally drove me into interior architecture.

I work with smart, cool clients who appreciate the value of hiring a design professional, but are bored with the norm - they're looking for something different, unexpected, and unique.

What really makes me happy is when my clients are in love with the final outcome, and the great feedback they get from their friends. 


I'd love to work with you - let's talk.

How We Transform Your Space

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Your space should be well designed and also super functional. The reality of how you use your space should dictate your design choices, and your life will be better for it. We turn your vision into a wonderful reality. 

Your Space, Re-Modelled

Interior design is about making your space stylish and astonishing. Architecture is about making your space unique and unexpected.

Interior architecture mixes both for you - a unique space, that is stylish.

Comfort, Made Delightful

Your space should be a source of comfort and delight. Your aesthetic choices should make you smile. If you're not feeling your heart smile with happiness in your space, something's missing.

Scope Of Services

Concept Design

Functional Planning

Selection of Furniture

Selection of Colors


Building a Budget



Landscape Design

Realistic 3D Images

Construction Drawings

Selection of Finishes

Quantities and Specs

Finishes Board

Office Support

Design Mood Boards

Choice of light fixtures

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of projects do you design?

As architects who specialize in interior design, we are capable of designing multiple spaces in a fully functional manner, while keeping the creative touch that makes us unique. We are proud to have executed many different project types in a functional, aesthetic and successful way, including: A gym, coffee shops, offices, dental clinics, tourism offices, car rental shops, pharmacies and many other projects that are successful and unique.

The best way to find out how we can help you is by requesting a design discovery call. Just click here and schedule the time that best suits you for a call.

How long does the design process take?

The design process is divided into three parts: the concept, development and working drawings phases. This usually takes a minimum of 30 Days to complete, but depending on the project size and details, this may vary.

What does the design process look like?

We start with the concept design and realistic 3D renders. After approval, we provide detailed drawings, bills of quantities and specs, electro-mechanical drawings and finish schedules as a full booklet for construction purposes.

Additionally, we also choose the light fixtures, tiling, finishes, colors and furniture, as well as supervise the execution of the work.

What project sizes do you work on?

We do not constrict ourselves with project size, however, we only work on projects that have a full scope of work.

As an example, we do not work on the living room alone, or living room and a bed room only. We do not only choose furniture for an already designed house. We do not design single elevations or minor details.

On the other hand, we work on a full scope including multiple spaces in a project, the choice of materials, etc.

When is the best time to design my interiors?

The best time to start is before construction begins, or in the early phases of construction when the building is in the Skeleton shape (only columns and slabs).

Schedule A Complimentary Design Discovery Call

Schedule a free call for us to learn more about your project and show you how we can transform your space into an amazing one.

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